About Us

Foshan Lottery Corporation, Limited was incorporated in January 2020 and licensed under the National Committee for Foreign Investment and Ministry of Finance to conduct and operate lottery.

Foshan Lottery Corporation, Limited keeps you updated on all current Draw results so you can join in whenever you want. We will draw the lottery every day and will announce the results at the front page of our site. All results are fair, honest, transparent and trustworthy.

All winning bets will be sent in FULL without any fees or taxes to your associate account. You will never be asked by Foshan Lottery Corporation, Limited to send money to claim your prizes.


Our mission is to deliver the best gambling experience, to conduct and manage gambling in a responsible manner for the benefit of Foshan. Any actions taken by Foshan Lottery Corporation, Limited, is for the best interest of the people and the communities of China, Foshan.

Foshan Lottery Corporation, Limited


Foshan Lottery is the best lottery game in china that was founded in 2020. Foshan Lottery is here every day with the safe and best number round system, thus guaranteeing a trusted lottery game.

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